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How to place custom team uniform order

As an organization/team it’s very challenging to get custom uniform orders,  irrespective of what we’re playing, it could be custom uniforms baseball, custom uniforms basketball, custom uniforms football or we need it for small business.

Every single order has its own uniqueness to go through different processes and requirements.
So a tiny error or miscommunication can cause of total destruction. Albeit, it’s always surprise till the last minute before opening up a box to see physically and every after wearing it, testing it or washing it.

Customization has no limits, so we’re !


We’ll discuss all the challenges of ordering custom uniforms and their solutions to minimize errors in this article.

First step is how to prepare Team Order.

Very first thing we need, is what would visual outlook of our final product be? As much time we spend here to finalize its details, would be better;

How we prepare product artwork or mockup;

There are two possible ways;

  1. Supplier can provide artwork/mockup.

  2. 3rd party assistance.

Order Track|Trace System

custom baseball uniforms

Custom Football Uniforms

Supplier Artwork/Mockup Facility

Several companies offer online uniform design apps, but there are some things to understand; these online portals have specific design requirements and limitations on designing team artwork. Using these online tools requires basic knowledge to operate, but they are best for creating an orthodox uniform look.

To meet our dreams, we must have something unique if we believe that “customization has no boundaries.”. To get that, we need to explore suppliers who have specialized departments for designing custom uniforms. Our in-house design team is one of the best in the industry with free artwork for 24/7.

3rd Party Assistance

To design uniform artwork, one can hire a designer/artist. There are a few drawbacks associated with this approach.Many people do not recognize that they are making a very basic mistake by not understanding manufacturing, which may limit their design when going into production.

Second, the supplier and customer sides always fall short with this approach, as they differ in terms of colors, logo sizes, and their positions, etc.


Team Roster

Using a spreadsheet to prepare the team roster saves time and ensures nothing goes wrong, especially with the names of the players. We also recommend using capital letters for this exercise. There is a common mistake of not mentioning what size is youth or adult when referring to sizes.


The details and progress must be communicated with our supplier once the order has been placed on team custom apparel.
To avoid surprises at the end of each day, request progress pictures on each step.

Keeping in touch for more details is important, as the details come in, you will eliminate doubts and errors.

While XROAD SPORTS possesses a well-developed online system that has been designed to support customers and their needs without human interaction, all of your order’s processes will be visible to you and you will be notified at each step to ensure an honest and transparent process.

Our goal is not to scare you throughout the whole uniform order process, but instead to guide you and provide information.
You can place your custom team order peacefully with 100% satisfaction as we promised. We will provide you with the best solution for all these bugbear hassles.


Order Track|Trace System (OTS) ordering platform. These are its silent features;

  • Geting quotes
  • Getting artwork 100% free of cost
  • Placing order by using already approved artwork
  • Order placement & handling
  • 100% secure ACH payment connected with all US banks
  • Secure Credit Card payments
  • Buy now pay later facility
  • Re-Order online function with few touches
  • Live order updates & progress notification
  • Downloadable roster, artwork, invoice facility.
  • Track online order
  • Customer service with live chat 24/7
  • 2 weeks turnaround time

XROAD Sports

The XROAD SPORTS company has been providing custom uniforms to teams since 2009. Having gained so much experience and analyzing the market, we have developed an innovative online order tracking system named Order Track|Trace System (OTS) (OTS)

  • Reply
    October 22, 2022, 5:29 pm

    what is the timeline of artwork, and how we get it ?
    ETA after the order placement.?

    • Reply
      October 22, 2022, 5:33 pm

      Hi Sir,

      24 hours for the artwork, one can get it online through our OTS system ( Once you create login there is every single details on order and its ETA. Normally it will take 2/3 weeks to deliver at your door front.
      Thank you!
      XROAD Sales Team

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